Monday, June 14, 2010

Yeast Extract Suppliers

Ohly is one of the most famous yeast extracts, specialty powder and hydrolysates suppliers in the world. Ohly is proud of its many years experience and it has been constantly developing its timely special solutions for the customers in the market. The supplier is in conformity with modern standards and quality management. Nowadays Ohly disposes of three manufacturing enterprises. In Hamburg, the company manufactures yeast derivatives from baker’s yeast and starter cultures. In Boyceville, Wisconsin, the enterprise produces torula, Brewer’s and baker’s yeast extracts.

AHD is the supplier of innovative nutritional products. AHD’s contributors, representatives and collaborators search unique ingredients for the company world-wide. AHA supplies dietary supplements, food ingredients, cosmetics, OTC, beverage ingredients. Thus AHD International has researched, imported and sold bulk ingredients in the course of several years.

The enterprise collaborates with many natural products manufactures all over the world. It offers its customers products of high quality. AHA International guarantees on-time delivery of the customer’s orders. It is noteworthy, that the activity of the given enterprise started in 1998. Since that time AHD International has sold and distributed the highest quality ingredients.

Alfa Chem represents a leading supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients. The enterprise supplies various industries with bulk pharmaceutical products such as proteins, yeast products, acetaminophen or food ingredients like anti-oxidants, colorings, fructose, lactose, peppers, vanilla, extracts and others.

Alfa Chem brings products from China, India, Spain, etc. The company cooperates with numerous manufactures throughout the world, therefore Alfa Chem helps its customers to get the materials and goods they need.
Alfa Chem promises each client to save his/her time and money.


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