Monday, June 14, 2010

Treatment Using Yeast Extract

The yeast extract represent the dissoluble contents of yeast cells. Thanks to the content of many vitamins B group, they are of physiological nutritious value. So the yeast extracts find a great use in food industry, however they can be also recommended in the capacity of efficacious treatment.

The yeast extract is very rich in biologically active substances, such as vitamins, amino acids, lipids, and carbohydrates. The extract contains mineral substances, vitamins B group and nucleic acids. Remedies which are produced on the basis of the yeast extract replenish the skin’s balance with vitamins added. The yeast extract nourishes and gives shine to your hair. If you give preference to the treatment or remedies which imply the presence of the yeast extract, in the issue your skin will be nourished and moistened. It is worth mentioning that the extract in question has a good influence upon the carbohydrate and protein metabolisms. So it deeply purifies and regenerates the skin as well.

The yeast extract contains all the necessary and indispensible amino acids and therefore, its composition is of full value. The availability of such combination as glutathione and sulfur amino acids ensures the antioxidant protection. Such component as trehalose represents natural disaccharide which provides versatile protection of cell membranes. People who suffer from acne may also rely on the healing properties of the yeast extract, as the full complex of vitamin B group is recommended for people who suffer from acne and skin irritation. The extract prevents the loss of hair as well.

The yeast extract is a fount of components which are distinguished by wonderful properties. That is why it is widely used in medicine and in the cosmetic branch.


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