Monday, June 14, 2010

Red Rice Yeast Extract

Red yeast rice extract possesses a wonderful property which becomes apparent in reducing the risk of recurrent myocardial infarction. The results of examination of patients, who suffered from heart diseases, showed that Chinese food, which contains red rice yeast, reduces the risk of recurrent myocardial infarction about %45. It also reduces mortality from cancer to two thirds. The research was carried out in 60 Chinese hospitals in the course of 5 years. The patients received the red rice extract in the form of capsules and placebo. Their state of health was examined by researches. However, it should be noted that people knew about healing properties of this extract long ago. For instance, in China there are many food additives which contain the extract in question.

Red rice yeast is made by the means of cultivation of a type of yeast which is called Monascus purpureus over red rice. Namely this Monascus purpureus give the rice yeast extract the red color. The red yeast rice extract is widely used in China, Japan and other countries of the Far East.

In 2002 Chinese scientists published their teamwork in the journal “Molecular and cellular Biochemistry”. This scientific research proves that red yeast rice extract promotes the decholesterolization. In Chinese medicine the extract is used to lower the cholesterol level, to promote blood circulation or to fortify the spleen and harmonize the stomach. Thus doctors recommend 6,000 to 9,000 mg red rice extract dosage per day. However the dosage may vary depending on the type of the supplement standardized extract. For example, 600- 1200 mg red rice yeast extract in the form of oral doses were prescribed in scientific researches to date. It is noteworthy that red yeast rice is included in several combination supplement products that are advertised to fortify heart health. Nowadays this product can be purchased at many health food stores. A 20-30 day supply will cost about $20.

This extract can considered a safe product, as it does not cause damage to kidneys, liver and any other organs. The scientists also believe in its safety on the principle that red rice yeast extract has been used in the Far East for thousands years without reports of toxicity. However because of different cholesterol-lowering ingredients concentration, it is advisable to choose a product which is made in concordance with stringent quality control.


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